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Anna’s Hidden Reality

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Anna who felt that life was not very fair. You see, not only had her husband left her for a younger woman but her boss at work just promoted someone who had been at the company for a short amount of time instead of her. Also, her friends didn’t invite...

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We Only Die in Someone Else’s Reality

I was 11 years old when I had my first dream that I had died. I woke up out of breath, confused. The room was dark and the darkness made my own death real, present. I didn’t know anything about the cosmos then. The little I knew about the cosmos was through watching Star Trek. I grew up in a...

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A Star Letter from a Star Port

Today’s Star Letter is from Robin Seemangal. *** NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on Florida’s space coast is called the gateway to the stars. That’s where I am writing this Star Letter and I hope it finds you well. It's early in the morning, just after sunrise. I’m sitting on the grass in...

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Get Quiet to Unlock Your Heart

Today’s Star Letter is from Elaine Glass. *** I found you in the midst of a trillion stars. Shining off the backdrop of a colorful and fiery Universe. As Twin Stars, our Twin Souls collided and were blinded by our collective energies. We danced on top of white cotton candy clouds, spinning...

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Is space travel to the 7 exoplanets possible?

After yesterday’s NASA announcement everyone started to think about what it would be like to travel to space and visit these new 7 exoplanets. What we know for sure is that it would take NASA’s space shuttle at least 1.5 million years to get there. NASA’S new Horizon spacecraft would take...

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The Soul’s Contract

I have always been fascinated in the reasons behind the connections we make with specific people in our life. Why we marry someone who ends up hurting us. Why we find it hard to move on from a relationship that is not good for us. The list of my questions on the topic of destiny and the soul is...

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