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Where Is the Echo Coming From?

Lately, I have been experiencing buckets of synchronicity. Not just frequent. But in buckets. It happens every day, every hour of the day. So much so that I now consider it normal. I go about my day and I expect my life to have a mirroring effect. When I speak, the TV in the background will...

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This Girl May Be the First Person on Mars

Alyssa Carson is blazing her path to the red planet “Always follow your dream and don’t let anyone take it from you.” — Alyssa Carson Alyssa Carson wants you to know she’s going to be one of the first people on Mars. Since she was 3 watching the Backyardigans make the trip it's been...

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Did You Know You Could Fly on Saturn’s Moon?

What if You Could Fly? Flying has always been a dream. People have written books and made movies of people floating in mid-air, and with the right materials, people in the past have made “wings” so they can float with the wind. These believers created the illusion for themselves and others of...

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The Thoughts behind the Thoughts

I know you have some very interesting thoughts, thoughts that you don’t like to share with others. These thoughts sometimes tell you about life and its weirdness. They tell you about your experience of your day. If you lean in and listen beyond the basic thoughts you will find a deeper message....

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Mars City-What’s It Like?

For many years, scientists and dreamers have fantasized what space life would be like. On planets, in a space ship, anywhere really. They imagine how we would live, how humans would, in any way, be able to survive. Elon Musk shares his own fantasies and how he will make Mars thrive with life, “It...

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The Role Of Intelligence in Our Universe

How intelligence could change our scripted end I. Setting the Stage I’m no expert on AI or anything. I won’t be the one to construct the model for Biologic Intelligence that revolutionizes humanity's ability to process information. What I am is a curious individual. I like thought experiments...

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