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We Are Nothing but Melodies

Lately, I have wondered about us. How is it that we can’t find our way to all the knowledge that exists out there already. How come we don’t live our life from a place of awe. Maybe not always but to find a moment each day to marvel at this very strange place we call the universe. This very...

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How Planet Hunters Identify Distant Exoplanets

Everything in science is an educated guess. Every “truth” is just the best, as of yet not unproven theory which is held as “true” until better theories come along. So knowing that we don’t actually “know” what those distant planets are made of. VERY smart people have used humanity’s...

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Learning about Trappist-1h

Ever since NASA announced that they had found a whole solar system of exoplanets that they believed to be similar to Earth they called TRAPPIST-1, I have been dreaming about the day humans can travel to live there. Since the discovery of the seven planets, scientists are  trying to learn as much as...

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Dear Jupiter, I Have Feelings for You

Just because I am happy, it doesn’t mean that I don’t get sad. As a matter of fact, you can feel your sadness even more because of your happiness. It is such a contrasting feeling. Lately, I have been contemplating a lot about friendships and loneliness. And my mind always goes to the stars...

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The Mars Generation: A Review

This week, Star Letters announced the launch of a new program: Reaching For The Stars: Star Letters Youth Program. The goal of our program is to help inspire children to look up and consider careers in the STEM fields to further advance humanity’s progress into space. We firmly believe that...

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Dreaming of a Bright Future in Space? Check out NASA’s Community College Aerospace Scholars Program.

Around this time last year, I was a History major at Illinois Central College (ICC) in Peoria, IL, and was struggling to find passion in what I was doing in school. I was in Community College and couldn’t help but feel like I wasn’t doing as much as my high school classmates who were at...

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