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Subspace Mechanic’s Log | Nicole Redding

Entry #1   April 12th, 2461   11:00 PM Chatham Standard Time (CST)   The Starship Nevada   Who would have thought? A young woman like me, billions of miles and a few centuries away, could write a letter to you, a seemingly normal person in the year 2018. So how is this happening? Let’s just write it off to the wonders of space-time for now and we can tackle the ins and outs...

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SpaceX to Launch Its Own Experimental Internet Satellites

When Elon Musk founded SpaceX he had one goal in mind: to get humans to Mars. What has resulted since the company started building that vision, it quite a few extraordinary breakthroughs.  Here are a few: -SpaceX was the first private company to dock a vehicle with the ISS -First to land an orbital rocket at sea on a drone ship -First to land an orbital rocket on land at Cape Canaveral -First to...

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A Survivor’s Guide to Covering SpaceX at Kennedy Space Center

Do you have trouble explaining or defending your chosen career to family & friends? Is your sole source of entertainment a never-ending loop of Star Trek: Voyager episodes? Do you like to work constantly but make no real money? Then space journalism is for you. There aren’t many people out there regularly reporting on space exploration but as the commercial industry (SpaceX) launches more...

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A Good Luck Oreo Tradition Continues With The Falcon Heavy Launch

Tradition is a big part of any event, and launches are no different.  Inside of the CBS building at Kennedy Space Center’s press site, there is one ritual that has been around for years…Oreos. Peter King with CBS News Radio tells us about this delicious tradition. King has been with CBS News Radio for over 20 years, and recalls the Oreo Tradition for as long as he can remember. Delores...

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The Falcon Heavy Flies!

We have liftoff! At 3:45 PM EST, SpaceX had a successful launch of their Falcon Heavy rocket.  On this clear, sunny day, Kennedy Space Center is bustling with 100,000 people to watch the world’s largest rocket.  There has not been this much activity in the area since the last Space Shuttle mission in 2011. In a press conference on February 5th, Elon Musk talked about his excitement for this...

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SpaceX Will Fly It’s New Spacesuit on the Falcon Heavy Demo Flight

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk revealed on Instagram last night that the company's internally-designed spacesuit will be going for a ride to deep space. It will be launched as part of the company's "fun" payload to accompany the first ever flight of the SpaceX's long-in-development Falcon Heavy rocket. Liftoff is currently scheduled for Tuesday, February 6th during a three-hour window opening Musk...

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