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What You Cannot See…Is YOU.

  You must wonder why I talk to you about your inner world so much. Why am I asking you to pay attention to it more? And not only that, I am asking you to witness your life from a place of oneness and invisibility. But what is non-physical and invisible? You are probably saying to yourself ‘why am I even reading this email right now?” You see, when the realness of a tv set, the harsh...

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A Voyage to Jupiter Sends Back Hope, Inspiration, and a Trove of the Extraordinary

Image sent of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot taken by Juno and processed by Sean Doran (NASA / SwRI / MSSS / Gerald Eichstädt / Seán Doran) Depending on where you stand on our tiny rock in the cosmos, things may not be looking up. Whether it’s human conflict, the migration crisis, or the environmental dilemma stemming from climate change, there’s plenty of reason to think our civilization is in...

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NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Flies Over Great Red Spot for First Time in History

You may not be an expert astronomer, but chances are you’re aware that Jupiter is known for its great red spot (thank you grade school science class). What may be new information, however, is that NASA’s Juno spacecraft flew directly over this iconic spot – a gigantic storm, actually - on Monday night, for the first time in human history. "For generations people from all over the world and...

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60 Seconds

I was determined to get there. I wanted to conquer my brain and find a way to not listen to the lies it was internally screaming at me as I was dripping sweat on the gym floor. My body was experiencing an earthquake. It was shaken like it was about to break into a million pieces. “You need to stop.” my brain told me, then it proceeded to say “You can have a stroke from pushing yourself...

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Exoplanets: Understanding Our Place in the Cosmos

Did you know that there are 3,610 exoplanets, in 2,704 planetary systems and 610 multiple planetary systems according to Schneider, J. "Interactive Extra-solar Planets Catalog", The Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia? An exoplanet is a planet outside of our solar system that orbits a star, and we have thousands of them. Before 1992, we didn’t even know of any other planets in the solar system....

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Happy 4th. May the Source Be with You.

Dear…. Since this week’s Star Letter falls on the 4th of July I just want to wish you a fun happy day with your family. Find a way to bring the universe by your side even as you are barbecuing and sitting by the fire roasting marshmallows. (Click to Tweet!) It is in this physical reality that we must bring the beauty of the cosmos. It is in our everyday life that we must be aware of the...

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