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This Man Has A Spacecraft Attached to the ISS. He Also Believes in Aliens.

Last year at Kennedy Space Center, I briefly encountered one of the space industry’s most intriguing and eccentric personalities, Robert Bigelow. The billionaire and real estate tycoon founded Budget Suites of America, a company that found success in creating living spaces that were efficient and cost-effective for longer periods of stay. Incredibly, Bigelow is now attempting to adopt that model...

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Is Humanity Following the Road Paved by Star Trek?

Star Trek’s presence in contemporary society and its impact on the course of history cannot be understated. Gene Roddenberry’s myth has survived (and thrived) for over half a century and has inspired millions from every corner of the globe with its story of exploration and message of unity. The idea that the human race will one day overcome its demons and build a new world that leaves behind...

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SpaceX Has Revealed Its Spacesuits. So When Are We Going To See Them Fly?

SpaceX is taking on the monumental task of returning humans to the Moon for the first time in 45 years. They plan to do so with a lucrative tourism mission targeted for late next year, and recently, SpaceX revealed the spacesuits that those brave passengers (and future adventurers) will wear. Photo Credit: SpaceX/Elon Musk “Our space suits are really cool and they look really good. We’ve spent...

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX To Launch A Third Reusable Rocket Next Month

On March 30th, 2017, something extraordinary happened: For the first time in aerospace history, a previously flown orbital-class rocket was launched for another mission after being recovered and refurbished by its owner, SpaceX. The industry said it wasn't possible. Elon Musk said otherwise. A Falcon 9 rocket landing after a mission (Credit: SpaceX) For over 60 years, these rockets, considered to...

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NASA’s Asteroid-Hunting Spacecraft Will Pass Earth for Gravity Assist

On September 8th, 2016, NASA launched a daring mission to intercept an asteroid for the first time. The probe, OSIRIS-REx, is on a seven-year round trip to Bennu––a small, carbon-rich heavenly body that could help unlock the secrets of how life came to be in our solar system. Did life form right here within the planets? Did microbial life make its way here from another solar system? These are...

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Resilience Required for NASA Space Study

They feasted on pineapple and mangos. Then they had an egg frittata. The crew of four men and two women spent 8 months below the summit of the Big Island’s Mauna Loa. Why? Because they were a part of a study that would allow NASA to understand the psychological impact of a long-term space mission on our astronauts. We are preparing for MARS. And getting there requires resilience. A lot of...

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