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Blue Origin’s Blue Moon

One summer evening as I was staring up at the stars with some of my friends, I casually told them I couldn’t wait for the day that I could fly to space and sip a Starbucks latte on the moon. We all laughed at the possibility, but the more progress we make exploring the stars, the more likely space tourism will become a reality. Take for example the company Space X, run by space enthusiast Elon...

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Cassini’s Fond Farewell

It seems this week that the space world is bubbling with excitement about Saturn! That’s because NASA released its final mission plans for the spacecraft Cassini, who will end her 13 years of service later this year. Beginning on April 26th, NASA plans on sending the spacecraft through several “dives” in the 1,500-mile gap between the rings of Saturn and the gas giant. After completing 22...

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I Observe Therefore I Create

Imagine for a second that the life you are experiencing here has many versions. But you can’t see the other versions, therefore, you think there is only one. It is the one you observe every day. You wake up each morning and you think about this day, this life, this job, this house, this to do list. But what if there was another life? Many lives. Many versions of you. You have short hair,...

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Turn off Your TV. Turn on Your Consciousness.

I dream of an earth where we no longer rely on space and time to understand our experience in this body. I dream of a time when we can close our eyes and transport ourselves into other dimensions beyond boundaries and physical walls. Where we can fly by just thinking of it. I know deep down that one day we will look back at this period of time and gasp with laughter at the thought of getting on...

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Anna’s Hidden Reality

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Anna who felt that life was not very fair. You see, not only had her husband left her for a younger woman but her boss at work just promoted someone who had been at the company for a short amount of time instead of her. Also, her friends didn’t invite her out with them anymore and her landlord sent her a letter to let her know that he would be selling...

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We Only Die in Someone Else’s Reality

I was 11 years old when I had my first dream that I had died. I woke up out of breath, confused. The room was dark and the darkness made my own death real, present. I didn’t know anything about the cosmos then. The little I knew about the cosmos was through watching Star Trek. I grew up in a world where religion was the only explanation that was given to us. Death is the end of life on...

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