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How do I get through the holidays?

As the Holidays are approaching I thought I would respond to a question from a reader who lost her beloved husband and is having a tough time during the holidays. The question was sent to me last week and it said: “How do I get through these Holidays intact? This is the first Christmas without my husband, how to I not fall to pieces?   Dear anonymous, Losing someone you loved is not...

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Divorce is Not Real in the Quantum World

This past week I received a question that I had to ponder on for a while. The question went like this “What if we lose someone but they are still here. As in divorce? What if you still hold the love but they do not? Will that love ever live again? Dear anonymous, I am so sorry about your loss of someone who is still physically alive but not physically together with you. I used to say that...

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Have We Met Before?

One of the questions I received this last week from a reader was... “Dear Stars, will I see the people I lost again?” Dear Anonymous, I feel your deep longing for the people you lost. I know you need some rest or at least reassurance that somehow, somewhere there is this possibility of being with them again. I am choosing the word being, instead of seeing, or meeting them again because it’s...

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The Sky Is Alive

I wasn’t always so curious about the stars. As a matter of fact, I only cared about them when they were in a science fiction movie. But everything changed when in 2006 my very young husband passed away. I was left heartbroken. The fact that he was here one moment and gone the next was an impossibility in my mind. My mind could not accept this as a reality I had to live in. Since then, I looked...

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